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Pochettes et accessoires pour personnes diabétiques


Justin and Annie, Raphael founders


Who are we?

Justin Nadeau
Business Development Manager

Annie Gaumond
Head of Research and Development
Living with diabetes since 2007

Wallet for blood glucose devices

Our Story

Being type 1 diabetic since 2007, I looked everywhere to find a solution that was practical and aesthetic to carry all the essentials that I needed to manage my blood-sugar every day.

Unhappy of my findings, my husband and I decided to develop a stylish accessory to carry all the essentials that would simplify the life of people who live with diabetes. From this first project, we created our business, RAPHAEL accessories inc.

Our wallet is destined for people with diabetes and is the first of many.

RAPHAEL accessories inc. aims to offer aesthetic, practical and functional products that fit the needs of all of those who, just like me, have to deal with various medical needs.

From home to work, we hope that our accessories will follow you through all aspects of your everyday life.

Annie, cofounder


Why did we choose the name RAPHAĖL?

Our project came to life mainly because of our son Raphaël, who inspires us, Annie and me, every day. We felt it was natural that our business would be named after him.

As the company’s first creation, the RAPHAEL wallet represents the beginning of a range of products that aim to enable our company to differentiate ourselves in terms of fashion accessories. We want to meet the needs of people who have certain medical constraints in everyday life, without leaving aside the aesthetics, the practicality and especially the functionality while using our products.

Another important thing is the stigma related to the sickness. Our accessories are designed and developed to simplify the management of the stresses on a daily basis, without having to carry their branding.

RAPHAĖL is a name that inspires style and « haute couture ».

Justin, cofounder

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